Changing Lives Center

Veterans Assistance Services

Veterans Assistance Services

Ensuring that our veterans get the support and treatment they deserve.

Providing housing, advocacy, and mobile care for veterans

The Changing Lives Center provides services to support men and women achieve their goals to be independent, safe, and contributing members of their communities.

The Changing Lives Center proudly serves and employs Veterans in our programs. We provide Veteran-specific services to meet the unique needs and culture of the Veteran population we serve, such as in our Homes for Heroes Veterans housing programs.

The Changing Lives Center experienced staff receive Veteran-specific training that includes information about VA healthcare and benefits and other important topics to help individuals meet their treatment goals. The Changing Lives Center wants to demonstrate positive outcomes, receive high commendation from Veterans Affairs (VA), and maintained long-lasting relationships with Veterans and their loved ones, even after discharge from our programs.

The Changing Lives Center serve Veterans in our programs by developing and implementing Veteran-specific training, employing Veterans with shared experiences, understanding the complexities of VA healthcare processes and policies, and collecting and evaluating Veteran feedback to enhance the quality of services provided.

Our partnerships with the VA and the VA Mission Act give us the ability to expand our services geographically to Veterans in their homes.

The Changing Lives Center provides Veteran-specific services, as well as services that are available to everyone.