Changing Lives Center


Tasha Freely

Chief Learning Officer

Tasha Freely, Chief Learning Officer for Changing Lives Center found her calling to support people with developmental disabilities more than two decades ago, after working in programs for children and adults throughout Philadelphia, PA. In 2022, Tasha founded Top Tier Training, Inc., an organization that helps corporations with the enhancement of the development and skills of its employees. Tasha is also the Founder of Choose 2 Rescue (that focus on training individuals in the art of CPR/First Aid) as well as Freely’s Fares (providing safe and affordable transportation to individuals with disabilities).

As the Founder and CEO of these companies, Tasha has built a large and diverse organization that provides a multitude of services to individuals throughout her community. With her new role with Changing Lives Center, Tasha will be supporting the organization and its participants in housing development, residential and employment services, development of social enterprises, fundraising/community awareness, and financial literacy. Over time, Tasha will help grow all the businesses that she is involved in to include services in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Tasha is a recipient of an associate degree in Behavioral Health. She is a certified Medication Administration Trainer, CPR/FA Trainer, a Quality Control Inspector as well as being certified in Conflict Resolution and De-escalation training.

Top Tier Training, Inc.

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For more information, please contact Tasha Freely at (215) 869-7862

Certified Investigator Services

We help safeguard your well-being.

Our Certified Investigators will work hand in hand to protect individuals with developmental disabilities from any harm. We adhere to a systematic investigation that meets established standards and utilize the necessary tools and resources to conduct quality investigations.

Our Certified Investigators will help protect the intellectually disabled from untoward events such as incidents of abuse, neglect, exploitation, rights violation, and other significant incidents that may occur in the lives of these individuals.

Our focus centers on the safety of children, adults, and the elderly with developmental disabilities. Thus, we go the extra mile to not only provide quality services, support, and assistance but also to protect these individuals from potential harm.

Contact us today at 215-909-9257 or so we can provide further assistance.