Changing Lives Center

Intellectual Disabilities Services

Helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities feel valued

The Changing Lives Center supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to enhance their abilities and interests. We partner with individuals as they become self-sufficient and live everyday lives. The Changing Lives Center helps individuals find meaningful roles in their community and to feel valued as community members.

Programs Offered

Supported Living

Supported Living is for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities who live on their own but want a little extra support with activities of daily living. The Changing Lives Center staff provide 1:1 support and make sure that individuals get all their physical and behavioral health needs met.

Respite Care

Respite Care provides short term, temporary living arrangements to families caring for a person with disabilities. Individuals who require or request time away from their current residence may also receive respite care.

Community Living / Group Homes

The Changing Lives Center provides group living for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Group homes are located in many different communities and neighborhoods and can be single homes, townhomes, or apartments.

In-home Support

The Changing Lives Center staff provide in-home support for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities who need help with personal care, safety, communication, social skills development, and more. The Changing Lives Center staff can also help with any prescribed therapy.

Non-traditional Community Day Services / Home and Community Habilitation

This program is for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities who want to participate in a day program that is less structured than traditional programs. Non-traditional Community Day Services focus on spending time in the community doing recreational and volunteer activities.

Employment Services

Changing Lives Center empowers people by helping them find jobs in the community. Individuals who want help finding employment are assigned an Employment Specialist to find a position that is right for their skills and interests.

Ensuring that our veterans get the support and treatment they deserve

Everyone who has the desire to work should have the opportunity to pursue and maintain competitive, meaningful employment. Supported Employment provides the support people need to successfully find and maintain a job.

Each person works with our certified Employment Specialist to develop a flexible, personalized employment plan, taking their vocational strengths and interests into account.

Through the assessment process, each person evaluates their interests based on specific aspects of the job market, as well as their skills, strengths, and the conditions under which they work best.

During Job Development, Employment Specialists facilitate relationships between the person and their employer, and work to match the needs of the employer with the skills, strengths, needs, and interests of the person.

Once the person has secured a job, an Employment Specialist then provides systematic instruction to assist the person to learn the skills necessary to successfully perform that job. Through subsequent job coaching, each person receives support to meet employment expectations, address job-related issues as they may arise, and maintain long-term employment.

People may also receive assistance to develop a personal business or find employment based on a personal assessment process.