Changing Lives Center

Community Participation Services

Community Participation Services

The focus of the program is centered around assisting people to become aware of their communities, identify their valued social roles, and the acquisition of lifelong relationships. Services are organically grown from innovative practice in person centered planning, in order to enrich the person’s life based on their gifts and talents. This program is 100% based out in the community and is driven by your or your loved one’s interests.

Activities and volunteer opportunities are based on personal interests.

Some past volunteer opportunities have included:

  • Philadelphia Senior Center
  • Salvation Army
  • Animal shelter
  • Meals on Wheels

Some of our very popular activities have included:

  • Creating artwork for local first responders thanking them for their service
  • Completing random acts of kindness within the community
  • Theme days; Halloween party, Thanksgiving luncheon, movie day, etc.
  • Group activities such as visiting the movie theater, riding go-karts, and bowling
  • Touring a radio station
  • Attending college as a matriculating student
  • Building and flying kites
  • Museum tours
  • Spending time outdoors in local parks