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Changing Lives Center of America

Changing Lives Center of America

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Supports our veteran’s program by providing scholarships to individuals who need extended stable housing.


The mission of the Changing Lives Center of America is to raise awareness of and financial support for the adults, children and their families supported by the Changing Lives Center and to provide staff with the tools and resources necessary to better serve and maximize the potential of all individuals in the Changing Lives Center programs.

Programs and results

What are the organization’s current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Home Health Care, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Veterans Assistance and Woman with Children Services


Changing Lives Center provides services across four Divisions to meet the unique market segments of Home Health Care, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Veterans Assistance and Women with Children. The Divisions are organized to support and respond to the unique needs and opportunities in each market segment, as well as across market segments, to achieve the highest quality of life for those the Changing Lives Center serves.

The Changing Lives Center offers a continuum of support to individuals within a community, residential and site-based settings. These services provide a wide range of treatment services and supports for adults and their families.

The Changing Lives Center also supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the enhancement of their abilities and interests. All services are aimed at assisting individuals in becoming more self-sufficient and fulfilled in their everyday lives. The individual is always at the core of the planning and implementation of services.

Veterans Assistance and Women with Children Services at the Changing Lives Center focus on the continuum of care throughout the lifespan of individuals dealing with homelessness. A range of “wrap around” services is incorporated into a specialized approach that utilizes specific interventions and strategies and applies them within an safe and loving environment.