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Transitional Housing

The Changing Lives Center’s Transitional Housing program “Oasis” helps single mothers (or expectant mothers) between the ages of 18 – 35 take control of their lives and work toward self-sufficiency.

Women join our program for many reasons. You may be in crisis due to domestic violence, addiction, job loss, homelessness, an unplanned pregnancy or another difficult situation.

But you are not alone.

The staff of the Changing Lives Center has been helping women like you transition from crisis to self-sufficiency for more than 20 years.

We offer more than a safe place to call home.

Affordable Housing · Case Management
Educational Opportunities · Financial Literacy
Life Skills Training · Therapeutic Supports

We Provide a Three-Phase Approach

Our unique three-phase program allows women to work at their own pace toward financial independence. Families move through the three phases as they accomplish certain milestones in the program.

Phase I: Stabilize

Phase I is intended to provide structure and security to women and children who may have lived in chaos or experience homelessness before entering the program.

During Phase I, families move into Oasis home, an eight-unit safe, cooperative living environment in Columbia, SC, Philadelphia, PA, and Raleigh/Durham, NC. While each family gets their own suite with two bedrooms and a bathroom, the shared kitchen, living and recreational ensure that families have the support of others who are also taking their first steps toward independence.

Their dedicated case manager will help the women put supportive services in place (like public assistance and childcare) and set educational or career goals to guide them on their path toward financial independence.



Phase II: Transform

Women and their families enter Phase 2 of the program, they move from the Communal Home into their own apartment but still receive the comprehensive case management provided in Phase 1 as they continue to work toward their educational or professional goals. Families can remain in this phase for up to 14 month and affordable housing is provided in all the apartments/homes.

Phase III: Flourish


When women and their families move into the final phase of the program, they have completed their chosen educational or job skills training program and need a little extra support as they enter the workforce. The Changing Lives Center continues to provide and support services only as mothers begin preparing for financial independence, by achieving home ownership.

Application for the Woman with Children Services Oasis Shelter

Applicant Information:

Education is the key to success. The women in our Transitional Housing program “Oasis” receive life skills training (including financial literacy) and therapeutic supports to help them overcome personal barriers to success. They also have the opportunity to pursue educational or career goals, drastically increase their earning potential.

Are you prepared to take a leap of faith towards your path of self-sufficiency?

Please contact our Intake Counselor to determine if the program is the right fit for you, and if so we would love for you to fill out the preliminary application.